Ways To Maximise Your Workout

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maximise your workout

Guess who’s back? I have finished the first part of lectures in driving school and my first exam is next week so now I have a little more time to write.


Today I want to talk about ways to maximise your workout. Our lives are incredibly fast and busy so there is no time for half – assed workouts. You gotta be 100% in this.


If you’re setting aside time to work out then you gotta put in the effort as well, make every workout count! Here are:



6 Ways To Maximise Your Workout


1. Never skip warm up and cool down.

I don’t know about you but I’m a proper Tin Man if I don’t warm up before a workout. My muscles are stiff and I can’t get full ROM if I just jump straight into workout.


Warm up and cool down should each last at least 5 minutes. And I know I know, when you add that to your ‘workout time’ it’s too long, you don’t have time for it, you just wanna get the workout done, etc. I’ve been there and those are only excuses, nothing else.


Warm up is important to gradually get your heart rate up, increase blood flow and allow bigger range of motion.


On the other hand, cool down is important to gradually bring the heart rate down, stretch out muscles, prevent soreness and increase recovery rate.


Both warm up and cool down prevent injuries and allow you to get more out of your workout.



2. Pay attention to posture.


Correct posture is so so important, especially when working out. On day to day basis it’s important to keep a proper posture in order to avoid certain problems. Problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, weakness and fatigue.


But when it comes to working out correct posture and form are important to avoid injuries and get the most out of your workout. Last year I injured my back pretty badly due to wrong posture and wrong breathing at the wrong time.


What’s scary is that it’s only little tweaks that can put you out of gym for a month or even longer.


If you pay attention to your posture and alignment you’ll:

  • be able to lift more,
  • make your workouts more efficient
  • reduce the risk of injury to minimum

Remember: never be too shy or too proud to ask for help. If you’re unsure how to perform a certain exercise – ASK someone who knows how to do it rather than trying to figure it out on your own.



3. Keep an eye on rest periods.

This one is an important one if you want to maximise your workouts and take it seriously. How many times have you seen someone at the gym staring at their phone during rest periods?


As the time goes on their rest periods become longer and longer, to the point where they end up sitting down and continue staring at the phone. To me personally, it’s like “why did you even come to the gym? Why bother?”.


The point is, if you set your rest period to be 60 seconds then freaking make it 60 seconds. When it hits 50 seconds start preparing for the exercise you’re about to do. Keeping an eye on rest periods makes your workout more efficient as you’re not wasting time.



4. Don’t forget recovery.

Ahhh, one of the best, and also most important, part of a workout regime. Recovery is crucial if you want to maximise your workout. Your body needs time to repair and strengthen the muscles and that can be achieved through quality recovery.


Quality recovery consists of nutrition, hydration, self – myofascial release, sleep and stress management. All are equally important so make time to recover and allow your body and mind to adapt to the stress of exercise.



5. Listen to music.

I don’t trust a person who can work out without listening to music. If you can do it, you’re a weird human.


Music is such a powerful tool. It makes you feel stronger and helps you push harder. It also makes the workout go by a lot faster especially when you have an awesome playlist.



6. Keep it fun.

have fun workout

I’m one of those people who need something new in a routine every week or so. I stick to weight lifting and yoga but I take one day in a week to do something different.


I either do boxing, dancing, swimming, or learn new yoga and calisthenics moves. Switching things up a bit makes me excited for workouts, it keeps my muscles guessing and makes me feel awesome when I learn a new move/exercise.


For the last couple of weeks I jump rope as part of my warm up. So far it’s still very entertaining for me and I really enjoy it.


After all, that is the key to sticking with your workout program – to have fun. Workouts aren’t meant to make you miserable. They’re meant to make you feel happy, excited, accomplished and satisfied. 



Guys, feel free to write in the comments what else you find crucial to maximise your workout. I am always keen to hear your advice/tips and thoughts. Also for all the women reading this on 8th of March, Happy Women’s Day!


Stay awesome,

M, xo

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