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April 4, 2019 Mona No comments exist
life update
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Hey there, and welcome back! It’s been a while since I posted something but there’s a good reason for it. Last year I found out I was pregnant and while many of you may say “but that’s not an excuse to stop writing”, it hasn’t been the only thing I had to deal with.

My pregnancy was rather difficult due to vomiting all the way up until labor (and even twice during labor). Side note, if you are interested in my birth story leave a comment down below and I’ll write a post about it. Without mentioning all the other symptoms and discomfort, I had to find a way to pass driving school, finish apprenticeship, pass the final apprenticeship exam and prepare everything for the baby.

With that being said, I moved three times and this weekend I am moving for the fourth. My baby is now a little over 4 months old and I thought I would get a chance to get back to blogging a lot sooner but I thought wrong. That’s life when you have a baby and I am okay with it. I admire every mum that managed to keep doing her thing throughout the pregnancy and even immediately after giving birth. On the other side, I know the problems I had to face, I know how much I have to do in a day and I know that where I’m at at the moment is realistic.

I will work as much as I can on getting back to fitness and blogging and staying consistent with it. I don’t expect it to be like it was before straight away because these things take time. Like they say, take each day as it comes. This is just a little update for you guys who still come back to check on me (and all you new visitors – hey there!). For now I will post when I feel the content is of high enough quality. With time I hope to get back to posting once a week.

If there is any mum out there reading this, I would appreciate tips and/or advice on managing my time and responsibilities whilst taking care of my baby of course. So any gems you have regarding that leave them in the comments below, and thank you!

As always, have a lovely day and talk to you soon!

M, xo

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