Intense 30-Minute Booty Building Workout At Home

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booty building workout
This workout is all about building a peachy bottom 😉

Hi guys, I’m back with another at home workout and this time it focuses on the booty! It’s quick (only around 30 minutes) and effective. You’ll definitely feel the burn in all your glute muscles – gluteus maximus, minimus and medius.

I designed this booty building workout to start with a compound exercise with which you can go all out on. Following that are two supersets where I need you to use the mind-muscle connection to properly feel the burn.

Each of these exercises will be performed for only 3 sets so you really need to give it your all. Out of the equipment you will need free weights (either dumbbells, barbells or a kettlebell) and a booty band (the higher the resistance the better).

We have all the needed info on duration and equipment for this booty building workout so let’s look into the exercises we will be doing.

30 Minute Booty Building Workout

Compound Lift – Elevated Squats/Standard Squat

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It was pretty inconvenient for me to film elevated squats, so I filmed regular. Choose your poison 😉

This exercise requires you to get creative in the first place. You’ll need either two chairs or two step boxes. However, if you don’t have that you can do regular squats.

Elevated squats allow you to have a bigger range of motion, therefore letting you work those glute muscles even more. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, toes pointing out. Hold your dumbbell (or kettlebell) with both hands firmly. Engage your core and begin to stick your bum out.

As you do this, simultaneously lower down into a squat (try to go below the parallel). Don’t let your knees go past your big toes. This whole time you should be gazing in front of you and keeping your core tight. Now push through your heels, squeeze your glutes and come back up to standing position. That’s 1 rep.

Reps: 12

Sets: 3

Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Superset #1

Moving on to our first superset. We only have two supersets during this workout and each of them has 2 exercises. Quick explanation on supersets – it is a form of strength training when you move from one exercise to another without resting.

Meaning, you’ll do exercise #1 (both sides) then without resting you’ll move to exercise #2 (both sides). That will count as one set. Therefore, no rest between the exercises but around 60 seconds rest between sets.

Exercise #1 – Single Leg Hip Thrust

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One of my favourite booty building exercises is the single leg hip thrust. This exercise is unilateral (working one side at a time) which allows you to improve balance and strengthen your weaker leg/glute. Single leg hip thrust works your gluteus maximus and medius, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Start by resting your back on a chair, sofa or bench if you’re lucky enough to have one at home! Lift one leg off the floor and bend it at the knee so it forms a 90 degree angle. Drive the foot of your supporting leg into the floor and lift the hips up while squeezing your glute. Once your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders lower your hips back to starting position. Repeat on the other leg once you’re done with all the reps.

In no way, shape or form should you feel this exercise in your lower back. However, if you are feeling the movement through your lower back do the following:

  • don’t allow the hips to drop or rotate as you lift them up
  • focus on exhaling when you’re contracting (lifting the hips up)
  • control your eccentric phase (lowering down), don’t just let your hips drop
  • don’t let your lower back arch

Reps: 12

Sets: 3

Exercise #2 – Side Lunge

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Finishing our first superset with another unilateral exercise. Side lunges are great to strengthen your quadriceps, inner thighs and glutes. On the other hand, if you have tight hips this exercise can help you release the tension (if you do it often enough that is).

Start with your feet hip width apart and hold the weights at the front of your body. Step out with your left foot as wide as it’s comfortable for you. Plant your left foot firmly on the ground and begin sinking your hips down and back. Keep the right leg straight at all times and make sure your left knee is tracking over your left foot the whole motion.

Toes are pointing forward at all times as well. To come back up to starting position simply push through your left heel. What really helps me with that is imagining I can push the floor away so I drive my foot into the floor as hard as I can. Once you’ve completed all the reps on left leg, switch, and repeat with the right leg.

Reps: 12

Sets: 3

Superset #2

Superset number two here we come! Only two exercises left and we are DONE. Told you this workout is quick ;)! Same as in superset #1 we will be doing two exercises three times through. To repeat, no rest between exercises but rest around 60 seconds between sets.

Exercise #1 – Dumbbell Swing

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Originally kettlebell swing but who says you can’t do it with a dumbbell! This is a great full body exercise with a little extra focus on the booty and hamstrings. It combines momentum and muscle control which allows for greater results.

To begin, grab a dumbbell and hold it in the middle. Get a tight grip so it doesn’t fly away as you swing it haha! You can also try holding it by one side of the plates. That’s how I do it and it somehow makes me feel more secure. Now, bend your knees slightly and push your hips back (as if you were doing Romanian deadlifts) and swing the weight between your legs.

When the weight is behind you squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips to bring the weight up to chest level. At the top of the movement contract your glutes, quads and abs then allow the weight to swing back between your legs. To avoid injuries don’t allow your back to arch at any time throughout this exercise. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your core tight at all times.

Reps: 15

Sets: 3

Exercise #2 – Banded Glute Bridge w/ Adduction

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I’m using a black band over black leggings…real smart move haha!

For this exercise we will be using a resistance band. The higher the resistance the better. This exercise is a variation of the standard glute bridge and it’s great for isolating glute muscles.

To begin, wrap a resistance band just above your knees and lie down on the floor/mat. Bring your feet close to your butt and firmly place them on the ground. Pushing through your heels and squeezing through your glutes drive your hips up as high as possible. At the top of the motion push your knees outward against the band.

Still keep on squeezing those glutes! Return your knees so they’re in line with your ankles and slowly lower down. Control this motion, don’t just let your butt drop down to the floor. If you want a greater challenge, don’t let your booty rest on the floor until you’re done with all the reps.

To get the most of this exercise and prevent injuries never let your back arch and keep the core tight at all times. Focus on exhaling as you bridge the hips up and keeping a straight line from your knees to your shoulders at the top of movement.

Reps: 30

Sets: 3

Well done guys, your booty building workout is complete! I hope you enjoyed it. It’s one of my favourite booty workouts when I’m short on time. Let me know in the comments did you feel the burn and if you’re sore tomorrow. Also, tell me if you want more of these types of workouts!

Keep working hard and stay awesome,

M, xo

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