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Let’s Talk Gratitude And It’s Benefits

Hi guys! My fiance had two weeks off work so we went on a little trip to the sea with our baby girl. Hence why there were no posts in the meantime. However, while we were away I had a lot of time to think about the things I’m thankful and grateful for. Nowadays, majority (tell me more!)


Quick Post-Workout Snack Ideas For Busy People

You did it, you smashed your workout and you’re feeling proud, as you should. You took the time to do your workout, but now it’s time to dedicate yourself to correct post-workout nutrition. In order to reap the full benefits that come with exercising you need to pay attention to what you eat afterwards. Post-workout (tell me more!)


Intense 30-Minute Booty Building Workout At Home

Hi guys, I’m back with another at home workout and this time it focuses on the booty! It’s quick (only around 30 minutes) and effective. You’ll definitely feel the burn in all your glute muscles – gluteus maximus, minimus and medius. I designed this booty building workout to start with a compound exercise with which (tell me more!)


Minimise Your Carbon Footprint With 11 Simple Changes

Climate change is the biggest threat we face and right now it’s changing at a rapid state. Earth has always had cycles where it would warm up or got colder, but those cycles would take millions of years. Now, within a period of about 200 years we are reaching levels that in the past brought (tell me more!)


Power Smoothie To Kickstart Your Day

Anyone who knows me well will easily say summer is not my favourite season of the year. The heat, the insects, constantly bathing in your own sweat,…yeah, I really don’t make it sound pretty. However, one thing I love about summer is the fact your body craves healthy things. You rarely want to eat heavy (tell me more!)