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Intense 16 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout

Happy New Year guys! Even though we’re already more than half way through January it’s never too late to wish someone a happy new year :)! To anyone reading this, I hope you have an abundance of joy, success, adventures, memorable moments and love in this year! I took a little break from working out (tell me more!)


Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup 2020

Oh it’s been so long (again) *sigh*, and I’ve missed writing to you so much. Today I’ll walk you through my new 2020 minimalist bullet journal setup. It’s rather simple so hopefully you draw inspiration from it to start your own BuJo. However, before we dive into it I want to update you on what’s (tell me more!)


How To Increase Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism is the process of converting food into energy, so the faster your metabolism is the more calories you burn. In addition, the higher your metabolic rate is the more energy you’ll have and the better you’ll feel. Whether your metabolism is high or low depends on many factors. Such as age, sex, activity levels, (tell me more!)


At Home Workout Motivation – Tips To Help You Stay On Track

One of my favourite topics to talk about include motivation and at home workouts. I love talking to people and help them see there’s a way to do anything they set their mind to. Personally, I love working out at home, however, there are a lot of people who can’t motivate themselves to do so. (tell me more!)


How To Maximize Your 24 Hours – Time Management Tips

We are all given 24 hours in a day. The question is: “What do you choose to do with yours?”. A lot of the time our 24 hours don’t seem like enough. We constantly tend to complain how we don’t have time. Then day after day we try to find a way to make more (tell me more!)