dream it. believe it. achieve it.

dream it. believe it. achieve it.


How To Master Pistol Squats

Since we recently stepped into a new year some of you have maybe set a few personal fitness goals. And just maybe pistol squat is one of them. If you have already mastered the pistol squat and are still reading this – congratulations, you rock!   On the other hand, if you can’t do a (read more)


My New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

Hello my lovely readers! Before I begin with today’s post I want to wish you a very happy New Year. I wish you good health, happiness and for your wishes to come true. May 2018 be good to you!   Now, let’s dive into today’s topic. Today I decided to share with you my New (read more)


Christmas Gift Guide For A Fit Guy

Part one was all about gift ideas for a fit girl so now it’s time to talk about gift ideas for a fit guy. Can’t leave them out! If you’re still worrying day and night, trying to come up with ideas for your fit guy, worry no more. Here is my Christmas gift guide for (read more)


Christmas Gift Guide For A Fit Girl

  With Christmas lurking just around the corner it’s time for a Christmas gift guide. This blog post will be split into two parts – one for him, one for her. Since the saying goes “ladies first” today I’ll give you a short gift guide for a fit girl with 5 gift ideas.     (read more)


Bodyweight Back Exercises – No Equipment Needed

  With 2018 just around the corner some of you might be thinking about New Year’s resolutions already. Usually the most common resolutions are to become healthier, leaner, fitter or lose weight.   However, we end up not caring much about what we do or what we eat throughout December because “we’ll start on January (read more)