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How to clean your hair tools

This one is for the ladies (and the lads with long hair)! Cleaning your hair tools is highly important if you want to have healthy, shiny hair. I know I’m not the only one when I say I have a hard time getting myself to clean my hair tools. However, it’s necessary we do it. (tell me more!)


11 ways to become productive

Life is pretty stressful nowadays, and each day seems to be packed with so many things to do. All of a sudden it seems like a little too much and we become overwhelmed. What helps in these situations is organisation and working smarter. So here are my tips on how to become productive and minimise (tell me more!)


Cardio vs. Weight Training

Cardio or weights? You probably asked yourself before: what is better? What will help me lose weight faster? Will lifting weights make me bulky? You need to know that there’s no ‘quick fix’. Getting fit is a process that will take a lot of time, patience, effort and self-control. When it comes to cardio and (tell me more!)


Healthy oatmeal cookies

What better way to start your day than having cookies for breakfast? These oatmeal cookies are super easy to make, they taste delicious and the best thing about them – they’re healthy. There is no added sugar and all the ingredients are natural. Without further ado, let’s get to it. I know you’re eager to (tell me more!)


Start cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

Cleaning. Something we all have to do on a daily/weekly basis. Since cleaning isn’t too much fun for a lot of people, it seems easy to go to the shops, pick up the first cleaning product on the shelf, follow the directions and let the chemicals do the work. What we tend to ignore is (tell me more!)