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Stretches for lower back to ease the pain

As a person who suffers from scoliosis and lordosis, I’ve did my fair share of searching for ways and stretches for lower back to ease the pain. I’ve taken tablets/pills to help me, been to physiotherapy sessions and in all honesty, it all comes down to strengthening the right muscles and stretching.   I have (tell me more!)


Angels on Bare Skin Lush cleanser review

The last year or so I have noticed a lot more acne and breakouts occurring on my face. As a teen I didn’t have this problem, it was just a few breakouts every now and then. Three months ago I decided to go for a Lush skin care product as a lot of people mentioned (tell me more!)


HIIT it! (What is HIIT and why is it so good? + examples of workouts)

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This training method consists of short, intense periods of hard work followed by a shorter low-intensity exercise or even rest. It’s perfect for a busy schedule and it’s been proven to burn more fat than standard cardio workouts, while still keeping your lean muscle mass. Since you work (tell me more!)


DIY Lip Scrub

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and if your skin is anything like mine, it means you need to take care of it…a lot…every day… The two things that suffer the most are my hands and my lips. The skin on my hands breaks very easily, my knuckles become dry and red. My lips are (tell me more!)


How to stay motivated?

The reason I’m writing this is because motivation seems to disappear during winter months and people find it harder to workout, eat healthy, take care of themselves, etc. It’s cold outside, it’s maybe even cold in your house, the daylight is much much shorter, there’s holidays, lots of family gatherings so working out might not (tell me more!)