dream it. believe it. achieve it.

dream it. believe it. achieve it.


Minimise Your Carbon Footprint With 11 Simple Changes

Climate change is the biggest threat we face and right now it’s changing at a rapid state. Earth has always had cycles where it would warm up or got colder, but those cycles would take millions of years. Now, within a period of about 200 years we are reaching levels that in the past brought (read more)


Power Smoothie To Kickstart Your Day

Anyone who knows me well will easily say summer is not my favourite season of the year. The heat, the insects, constantly bathing in your own sweat,…yeah, I really don’t make it sound pretty. However, one thing I love about summer is the fact your body craves healthy things. You rarely want to eat heavy (read more)


14 Minute At Home Core Workout – Only Socks Needed

While still trying to get rid of mummy tummy I am doing my best to stay consistent with my workouts. Best way for me to do so at the moment is to workout at home. Given the fact my baby is almost 7 months old she still doesn’t have a proper routine and needs my (read more)


8 Foods To Eat If You Sit A Lot

I’m sitting as I write this and you’re probably sitting or laying as you read this. That’s the harsh reality right now and you may be thinking “why does she think it’s harsh?”. The fact of the matter is that our bodies were made to move. Our lifestyles have changed drastically throughout the years and (read more)


6 Ways To Make Your Mornings Better Instantly

I was never really a morning person but at the moment I don’t have a choice. Now that I’m a mom there isn’t much room left for sleeping in or sleeping in general. Nevertheless, I always admired people who get up early and get shit done. And now when I’m doing the same I can (read more)