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Healthy Breakfast Pancakes – Start Your Morning Energised

Pancakes for breakfast you say? And healthy too? Why, yes please! A couple of years back I posted a Banana Pancakes recipe and everything from then up until now was trial and error. Now I can finally say I perfected the recipe for tasty, nutritional, healthy breakfast pancakes. These pancakes are great for slow Sunday (tell me more!)


Full Body Exercises You Should Be Doing

How’s everyone doing in lockdown/quarantine? It’s a real test of your mental strength, isn’t it? Situation in Croatia is getting better, places are gradually opening and life is returning to a somewhat normal. Anyhow, I have a real treat for you today! I’ll be taking you through some of my favourite full body exercises! Some (tell me more!)


At Home Chest And Triceps Workout For Strong Upper Body

A strong upper body is crucial in our daily life activities. Having a strong upper body means we can carry our children, play with them, move furniture around, carry multiple groceries’ bags (ain’t nobody making two trips to the car) and help others carry stuff. With that said, getting a guy to train chest and (tell me more!)


Productive In Quarantine – 10 Effective Things To Do

Quarantine has us all feeling all kinds of feelings. Unfortunately, it’s mainly anxiety and stress which eventually lead to procrastination. It’s not often we’re forced to stay at home with no where to go. We’re thrown off our routines and that can have a major impact on our time management and effectiveness. On the other (tell me more!)


Breath Focus – When Things Get Tough Come Back To Your Breath

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” Pay attention. How are you breathing right now? Is it fast and shallow or controlled and deep? Ever since I started practicing yoga (about 7-8 years ago) I noticed the true power of breath focus and breathing exercises (pranayama). I believe we need it now (tell me more!)