5 Habits That Can Change Your Life

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habits that can change your life
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By definition a habit is “a settled tendency or usual manner of behaviour”. So habits are something we repeatedly do. For many of us, habits are usually so simple to follow but only when they’re ‘bad habits’.

Procrastination, nail biting, smoking, overspending, swearing, drinking, eating fast food, etc. are just some of the bad habits. These bad habits impact your life in a bad way, they drain your energy and affect your mental, emotional and physical health.

On the other hand, forming life changing habits can be overwhelming for most of the people. Usually it’s because these habits require your utmost attention, focus, and dedication. But hey, no one said that changing your life for the better was going to be easy.

However, if you ask me, any change for the better is worth all the effort and hard work. Below are five habits that can change your life but before we start I’d like to give you tips how to develop and stick to healthy habits:

  • start small
  • focus on one new habit at a time
  • get support for when things get tough (whether online or in person)
  • form small goals to reach the big one
  • if you fail, pause, think about what went wrong, try again
  • celebrate any little success

Habits That Can Change Your Life


habits that can change your life
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Usually I would put any ‘self-care’ things at the bottom of a certain list, however, this time I’m putting self-care first. The more I read articles and watch documentaries the more I realise there’s a huge issue with self-love, self-care and mental health.

I constantly see women wishing they looked different, trying to get rid of “hip dips”, stretch marks, hairs on their body, cellulite, etc. People trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, people trying to please everyone. In the midst of all that chaos, people lose who they really are.

Eventually, you start noticing how you always feel sad, depressed, tired, or even angry at yourself. That is because you’re not putting yourself first. But darling, you should always put yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t respect yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Don’t you think you deserve to live your best life? Don’t you think you deserve to feel happy and confident? It’s time to invest in yourself, it’s time to take care of yourself and here are just a couple of ways you can do that!

  • meditate
  • do yoga
  • hydrate
  • exercise
  • go for a long walk (get some fresh air)
  • tell yourself something nice every time you look in the mirror
  • take a bath
  • exfoliate
  • rub that lotion all over your body
  • do what makes you happy
  • learn a new skill
  • take a new course
  • try something out of your comfort zone
  • accept yourself (there’s no one like you darling)
  • stretch
  • organize your living space
  • get enough sleep
  • set goals and get after them
  • spend time with your loved ones
  • watch your favourite show or a movie on a rainy night
  • nourish your body with healthy food
  • slow down and learn to be present


Before you immediately scroll down to see what is the next habit that can change your life, take a second and read why you should journal. I used to be one of those people that frowned upon the idea of journaling. Until I figured out you can truly make it your own.

You can write anything you want in it, you can draw, doodle, write poems, make step-by-step plans for the big things in your life, etc. Jot down your thoughts, feelings, crazy/funny/sad/interesting things that happened to you, write to-do lists just so you can crush them every day.

The main reason I keep a journal is to improve my focus and clear my mind. However, there are many other journaling benefits such as:

  • it sparks your creativity
  • helps you get in tune with your emotions
  • helps you organize your life
  • clears your vision for the big goals
  • helps you achieve your goals

Another great thing about keeping a journal is that you can always look back on it. It’d be like a little time machine, taking you back to see what you have achieved in life, how you felt and why, what awesome adventures you went on,…you get the point!

So I really encourage you to give a go and see how things change for the better. Make a challenge for yourself to journal each day for 30 days and let me know in the comments how that whole process made you feel!

P.S. Keep in mind you don’t have to write pages and pages. Only important thing is that you’re consistent and you write something each day. Quality over quantity!

(See how I bullet journal here.)


If there’s one person that’s both for multitasking and single-tasking, it’s me. However, I’m focusing on single-tasking for this post, but I’ll also explain when it’s okay to multitask.

The main reason why single-tasking is a habit worth forming is its’ increase in productivity. Aside from that, doing one task at a time can help lower your stress and result in higher quality results more quickly.

If you mainly find yourself jumping from task to task, thinking of a new task while you still haven’t finished the one you’re doing then collapsing exhausted at the end of the day, it’s time to try single-tasking. Multitasking can make you feel like you’re always doing so much but you actually haven’t made any significant progress.

Make a challenge for yourself for 30 days and try focusing on just one big thing/one big goal at a time. Once you complete your task/achieve your goal, pause. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishment, relish the moment then happily move on to your next task.

On the other hand, I find multitasking is okay when tasks don’t require too much of your energy. Small tasks like everyday cleaning, reading something on the bus/commute, listening to a podcast as you organize your work area and so on. You simply have to recognize what and when is worth multitasking and what is worth single-tasking. The latter is usually a big thing that requires your full concentration and attention!


“There is nothing to small for you to be grateful for.” That quote could not be more true. Don’t you think it’s frightening how often we take things for granted? From the people in our lives to the things we have. It’s time to slow down and realise our blessings. Best way to practice gratitude is either in the morning or the evening. When you wake up/go to bed think of the things you’re grateful for and really focus on them.

I wrote a full blog post about gratitude and it’s benefits so just click the picture below and it will take you there!

practicing gratitude


Last but not any less important habit that can change your life is taking a break from social media. At least one of the people reading this is following someone on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram who said that she/he needs a break from social media. Taking a break from social media is something all of us should do from time to time. Doesn’t matter if you have a big following or small.

Average person spends at least an hour and 40 minutes on social media PER DAY! Imagine that, 100 minutes spent scrolling, commenting and liking every day. Include the downsides such as comparing yourself to others, putting pressure on yourself to be “perfect” like others, fearing you’ll miss out on something “important” someone posts, and similar and you have the perfect combination to feel shit for the rest of the day.

Those 100 minutes you spend like that could be spent in such a better way instead. For example, going for a walk, learning a new language, working out, reading, meditating, etc. To put it simply – you could spend your time working ON yourself instead of AGAINST yourself.

The main reason you hear about famous people taking a break is because they start feeling vulnerable, anxious or they’re going through a crisis. Don’t wait for something like that to happen to you in order to take a break. Take care of yourself and your mental health. Listen to your body and your mind and decide on your own when is the best time to disconnect.

Social media has created jealous behaviour over illusions. Sadly, some are envious of things, relationships & lifestyles that don’t even exist.

Here are some cues you need a social media break:

  • feeling anxious when you’re not able to access social media platforms
  • feeling low, sad, jealous or angry after scrolling through your feed
  • not being present
  • interacting more with people on the internet than in real life
  • spending more than two hours per day scrolling

Really hope you enjoyed today’s post! Tell me in the comments which of these habits you want to start working on first. I would love to hear it!

Until our next post, take care of yourself darling,

M, xo

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