14 Minute At Home Core Workout – Only Socks Needed

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at home core workout
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While still trying to get rid of mummy tummy I am doing my best to stay consistent with my workouts. Best way for me to do so at the moment is to workout at home. Given the fact my baby is almost 7 months old she still doesn’t have a proper routine and needs my attention more than ever so gym is out of the question.

If you’re a mum like me or don’t like the idea of going to the gym I have for you a quick and effective at home core workout. You don’t need any equipment except a pair of socks or slippers as shown in these exercise videos. Either of those two will work great for a hardwood floor or tiles.

However, if your surface is something like a carpeted floor then things like magazine covers or paper plates will work wonderful as well.

How To Do This Workout

Let’s get into structure of this at home core workout. There are 5 exercises and you will be performing each of them for 40 seconds with a 20 seconds rest in between. Once you are done with all of the exercises you will repeat them one more time for a total of 14 minutes.

If 14 minutes is confusing you because there are only 5 exercises, it is because you need to do two exercises on both right and left side. I’m not gonna lie, this workout is pretty intense, but fear not I will provide modifications where possible so you can alter it to your level of fitness. On the other hand, do the hardest version for as long as you can before modifying the exercise.

Now if you’re ready let’s take a look at the workout.

14 Minute At Home Core Workout

Exercise #1 – Knee Tuck With A Push Up

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Starting off with the hardest exercise – knee tuck with a push up. This exercise requires proper alignment, strong core and strong arms. Begin on all fours and place your wrists in line with the shoulders. Pull your belly button towards your spine and tuck your pelvis in.

Engage your core and extend your legs out so you’re in plank. This is the starting position. From here slide your feet inward then back out to plank. Now do a push up by lowering your chest to the floor and keeping your elbows close to the body. Don’t let the elbows flare out. Push back up to starting position.

Modification: to modify this exercise do a knee tuck then lower your knees for a push up. Come back up to starting position. If this is still too hard for you, try staying in plank then slide one knee in/out then the other. Lower to the knees for a push up and come back to plank.

Exercise #2 – Plank Kickout

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Perform the same steps as the previous exercise to get yourself in plank. Elbows slightly bent so they’re not locked out. This is your starting position. From here kick your right leg to the left side then bring it back to plank. Now kick your left leg to the right side and get back to starting position.

Exercise #3 – Back Lunge With A Twist

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As you can see I am using a dumbbell for this exercise but that is completely optional. If you want to add weight to this exercise but don’t have a dumbbell, grab a heavy book, water bottles, bag filled with stuff or anything else you can find in your home.

To begin stand up straight, feet hip width apart. Pull your belly button towards your spine, tuck your pelvis in and engage your core. If you’re using weights hold them in your hands, arms bent at the elbows. This is the starting position.

Now, as you shift all of your weight to the left leg slide your right leg behind you. At the same time turn your torso to the left so your right elbow is above your left quadricep. Push through the left heel to bring yourself up to starting position.

Once you’re done with 40 seconds on the left side, switch and do the same on your right.

Modification: like I mentioned, dumbbells/weights are optional so one way to make this exercise easier is to not use them. Since this is an exercise that requires good balance place a chair at the side you’ll be turning to if you need extra assistance.

As you turn to one side, place the same arm on the chair and reach for it with the other arm. Each time you do it try holding onto chair less and less until you don’t need it anymore.

Exercise #4 – Reverse Plank Jacks

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So far we worked the front of our core, now it’s time to work the back of it. Strong core and back in general are extremely important for good posture, good balance, everyday errands and pain free life. This exercise targets your core, gluteus, triceps and back muscles.

To begin, sit on the floor and place your hands slightly behind so they’re in line with your shoulders. Legs are straight in front of you. Engage your core and lift up to a reverse plank. Head and neck are creating one long line with the spine, no arching or hunching.

That will be your starting position. From there simply slide your feet outward then inward whilst keeping your core tight the whole time and never letting your butt drop down.

NOTE: *DO NOT look down at your feet like I did at the end, keep looking past your nose up on the ceiling

Exercise #5 – Side Plank Dip + Toe Touch

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Coming to our last exercise – side plank dip plus a toe touch. Two things I would like to mention here before we move on. First, grab something for your forearm if you’re on hardwood floor. I used one square of my baby’s foam play mat.

Second, remove sock/slipper/paper plate from supporting leg. You need good support so the firmer grip you have with supporting leg the better.

Lay sideways on the floor and place your forearm on whatever support surface you went for. Let’s say you start on your right side first. Elbow should be directly below your shoulder. Prop yourself into a side plank. Feet aren’t stacked on top of each other but placed one in front of another.

Belly button is pulled in, core engaged, butt tightened and gaze right in front of you. Your left arm is reaching towards the sky. You’re in starting position.

Lead with your right hip down to touch the floor then come back up to side plank as you engage your core even more. With your left foot firmly placed on the ground slide your right leg up. As you do so try to touch your right toes with your left hand. You should be feeling all of this in your right oblique.

When you do 40 seconds on the right side switch over to do 40 seconds on the left side.


That’s it guys, these 5 exercises make for a total of 7 minutes. In order to complete the workout you must do one more round. Do let me know in the comments if you tried this at home core workout and how it made you feel.

Also, if you like these home workouts here’s an example of bodyweight back exercises you can do at home. Now go, go, go, go kick some ass!

DISCLAIMER: The exercises shown above are purely for educational and informational purposes only, and are made available to you as self-help tools for your own use. I am not a medical health practitioner and do not hold myself out to be in any capacity. Rather, I serve as a guide/mentor who helps you reach your own health and lifestyle goals. If you have any injuries or concerns please consult with your doctor first.

M, xo

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